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Go Green America- Convert your vehicle to an EV, it will be the Best decision Ever !

With Out Limits !

Savings Calculator !

This quick and easy to use calculator will show you the Actual Per Year Savings of fueling your EV versus a Gasoline - Diesel - Bio-Fuels - CNG - Propane, vehicle.
There are 5 boxes you can enter your information in then press the Recalculate Button
 Keep in mind that,  this does not factor in other savings, such as any State or Federal incentives, or the lower cost of  maintenance of an EV...!

Since Gasoline and Diesel Pricing are changing almost daily, Enter your Local Area Cost Per Gallon.,  Enter your real MPG that you currently get in the vehicle your looking at as the possible donor vehicle.
You can change all of the field values to the ones that are correct for you, the two annual % values are the national average, and cannot be changed.

According to the DOE.  The average American drives about 15,000 miles a year.

If you do not know how many Watt Hours to enter, as an example: a Chevy Bolt uses about 183 Wh per mile, a Tesla uses about 326 Wh per mile.

If you are looking at a Factory EV, you can look the information, on the vehicles you are interested in, if you are looking to convert a vehicle, it will come down to the weight, aerodynamics, and how much of a Lead Foot the driver is, the harder you step on the pedal, the more juice it takes, whether it is Gasoline or Electricity.!
But taking off when the light turns Green, and your already at the next light , and you look in the mirror and their just crossing the intersection...
It’s not called the EV GRIN.!   For nothing...

If you are not sure, what a Kilowatt Hour is (kWh), here is an Example: A 100 watt incandescent light bulb, uses 100 watt hours, for every hour that it is on.
So if you use that 100 watt light bulb for 10 hours, that equals 1 kWh. or 1000 watts. Or Ten 100 Watt light bulbs for 1 hour = 1 kWh.
Your Electric bill should have what you pay per Kilowatt Hour for Electricity, with Peak and Off Peak Rates.
 Just so you know that we are not fudging on any of the math, Grab a pencil and paper or a calculator and do the math yourself these are the two formulas:
1.  15000 miles divided by 17 mpg = 882.35294 gallons x cost per gallon = $2.39 = $2,108.8235 dollars.
2.  350 Watt Hours x 15000 miles = 5,250.000 divided by 1000 = 5250 x the cost of a kWh 0.12 cents = $630.00 dollars.
2A.  The simple way is to drop the zeros on the miles:  350 Wh x 15 = 5250 x 0.12 = $630.00 dollars per year.

Miles Driven per Year:       Current Cost of Gas per Gallon You Pay($):
MPG of Current Gas Car:       Annual Increase in Cost of Gas (%):
Watt/Hours per Mile of EV:       Cost of kWh of Electricity ($):
      Annual Cost Increase of Electricity (%):

Year          Cost of Fuel          Cost of Electricity          Annual Savings          Net Savings