EV Home Power System!

The EV Home Power SystemTM.  Can be setup to power your whole home Including, Charging your electric vehicle (s) if they do not have the EV Power SystemTM. Installed.

A typical home here in Florida, has a 200 amp Breaker Panel installed in the utility room, or garage, on a exterior wall of the house with the electric meter on the outside  of the wall.

A lot of the power companies have lobbied to pass a law that States if there is grid power within 200 feet of your home you must connect to the grid, even if you have Solar, Wind and batteries, and are making all the energy you need, the same goes for water, even if you have a well.

The Home Power System will become available after we are in production of the EV Power SystemTM.

Unlike Solar and Wind which both are great and Clean Energy, the EV Home Power SystemTM. Works 24 / 7 365.!

If you are interested or just have questions send us an email to: info@rangeless.net and one of us will get back with you.  Have a Great Day!

This is some information for you to consider, if your home has a lot of 240 volt appliances that could all be running at the same time, the larger the system will have to be to handle the LOADS, I am talking an electric range with oven, electric water heater dual element, electric clothes dryer, electric home AC and Heat, some homes have two units if the home is bigger that 2500 square foot., of air conditioned and heated space.

Look at your electric bill and see what you average KWH consumption is and add 10 to 20 % over that to allow for inrush current draw during startup of motors


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