We are looking for Anyone and Everyone across the USA, who has ever even thought about the idea of converting a vehicle, boat, RV, aircraft to Electric.!

We are just trying to get an idea of the number of people across the USA, that have at least thought about it.

Let us know, as everyone counts!, your email address and info will not be shared with anyone.!   Click on the “ Rerserve My Spot “ button above

The more people that are interested in a converting their vehicle the lower the price goes for all.
It is a numbers game, the more we order at a time the lower the unit cost.

Now if you are new to the idea of converting your vehicle to an EV, or it is old news to you!

There are some things to consider:

1.  Is the vehicle in good structural shape, no bent frames, no rusted out body panels or floor boards. ?
2.  Do you like driving the vehicle, do you like the way it looks, as silly as this sounds it is important because, you could be driving it another five to twenty years, Most Electric motors make it to 500,000 miles before needing any maintenance, it should give you trouble free service for many years.!
3.  If you are the type of person that has to keep up with the latest body styles in the vehicle market, converting a vehicle may not be for you!
4.  If your vehicle needs new paint or interior work, wait until the vehicle conversion is completed, then go have the work done, that way there is less to worry about.
5.  The vehicle you want to convert, you need to decide what you are going to do with the Engine, Fuel Tank, exhaust system, Pollution controls devices.
6.  Is your vehicle front wheel drive, or rear wheel drive, or 4 wheel off road, or possible all wheel drive.  In most cases we use the transmission, but in some cases where the vehicles is rear wheel drive we can go direct drive with monster torque of over 2600 ft. lbs.
7.  You will need transportation while your vehicle is being converted, so if you do not have a second vehicle to drive you will need to make arrangements.

8.  If you want a Full Size vehicle as an EV, and you own one, Great... If you do not own one, you can save a lot by looking for one with a bad engine, it does not matter as it is going to be removed anyway, but you want to make sure the body and frame are in good shape, look at the interior for flooding, there are a lot of vehicles that have been in caught in a flood.
Look for water level marks, look for rusted seat frames, look underneath the vehicle and in the engine compartment for rust, and the trunk if it has one.!
And install the EV Power SystemTM. to the vehicle.
This will give you a vehicle you will be proud to drive, that you can jump in and drive any place you want, without having to worry about recharging.

This will allow, the people who want to Convert their current full size vehicle to an Electric Vehicle for about the cost of a small Compact Factory Built EV.

By using an existing vehicle, as the donor vehicle, this eliminates the emissions and pollution that are produced to build a new vehicle.!

Further reducing your carbon foot print!

Vehicle Conversions:  Going GREEN !

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RangeLess, Inc.

With Out Limits !

Go Green America- Convert your vehicle to an EV, it will be the Best decision Ever !